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We heat our water to +200℉ and generate 500 pounds of pressure. Unlike other truck-powered carpet cleaners
or do-it-yourself rentals, we use a 70-pound wand. It's 40% more efficient than smaller wands, as the design
and weight maintain a consistent vacuum draw. The combination of top quality cleaning detergent,
pressure, temperature, and consistent vacuum draw results in the cleanest possible cleaning you can achieve,
and the fastest possible drying time.

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The machines that you rent at the store are not as powerful as truck-mounted equipment. You are relying on 15-amp circuit to power the machine. The chemicals that you buy for the rental machines are not strong enough to get the job done. The manufacturers could not get product liability insurance to cover the product. Truck mounted machines are more powerful and efficient. They have higher water temperatures and stronger vacuum, leaving the carpets cleaner and dryer. By not getting the water out, you are not getting the dirt out, and you are leaving chemical in the carpet to attract soil.

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Since 1972, Steamgard has always used the most effective biodegradable cleaning agents, the most effective equipment and performed the job with the highest integrity at a reasonable price. The biggest difference between us and our competition is our use of a weighted wand. Dirt is gritty and acts like sandpaper, slowly breaking down your carpet every time you walk on it. The biggest concentration of dirt is at the bottom of your carpet. Therefore, the key to cleaning carpets effectively is to get the vacuum point, which is located at the bottom of the vacuuming wand, as close to the backing of your carpet as possible. Most of our competition uses a lightweight wand which doesn't pick up the water/dirt mixture as effectively unless they are always leaning on it (which we know they don't always do). Our wand weighs 70 lbs. A foolproof way to keep the vacuum point near the backing! We consistently remove 95-98% of the water/dirt mixture, giving you a much cleaner carpet. Since we get more water out, drying time is also much less! Call us today at (630) 318-5046 and we'll come by for a free and accurate estimate at your convenience.

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Commercial programs available

Whether you are a bank, a church, or a restaurant, we have a program that will suit your budget. Call Brent for details