Steamgard Carpet Cleaner is a top rated carpet and uphostery cleaning company. Steamgard Carpet Cleaners Tile Cleaning
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We heat our water to +200℉ and generate 500 pounds of pressure. Unlike other truck-powered carpet cleaners
or do-it-yourself rentals, we use a 70-pound wand. It's 40% more efficient than smaller wands, as the design
and weight maintain a consistent vacuum draw. The combination of top quality cleaning detergent,
pressure, temperature, and consistent vacuum draw results in the cleanest possible cleaning you can achieve,
and the fastest possible drying time.

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Starting in January 2019:Tile

Steamgard Carpet and Upholstery Cleaners LLC
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Tile cleaning

Our tile cleaning service offering starts on January 2, 2019

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Commercial programs available

Whether you are a bank, a church, or a resteraunt, we have a program that will suit your budget. Call Brent for details